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Not your ordinary earphones.

We can't blame anyone for believing that bigger size equals to bigger sound - though in the age of paperthin tablet computers, less really is more.

The Earpump™ series is the product of years of research by SonicGear Lab, to pack in as much punch as possible, into as small as package as possible. And as our awards and accolades can testify, we have succeeded. Close your eyes as you listen to last night's club music and the Earpump™ signature bass drivers will have you believe you are still on the dancefloor.

This model, the Earpump™ PRO, has more under the hood than its earlier counterparts, the original Earpump™ and Earpump™2. With a more refined sound that handles any genre from classical to jazz with dexterity, the PRO is poised to do more.

Its metal endcaps also improve its durability and make a great travel companion for frequent flyers as it comes in a firm, moulded travel capsule with an airline audio adapter, a Y-connector for sharing music, and extra silicon gel earbuds.


  • Hi-fidelity, highly effective noise isolation
  • Clear strong and deep bass audio
  • Space-Age Rubber Plug Material for superlative audio isolation and comfort

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Input Power: 100mW (max)
  • Speaker Dimension: 11 mm
  • Sensitivity: 102 App. 4dB SPL/0.179 V at 1k Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms (Ω) 
  • Cord Length: 1.3 meters


  • Very Cool, Compact & Light
  • Accessories Earphone Full for You Needed
  • Storage for the Earphone is match to the Earphone
  • Extra Input for Any Electronic Device

Brand: Sonic Gear


  • Hi-fidelity, highly effective noise isolation
  • Clear strong and deep bass audio
  • Space-Age Rubber Plug Material for superlative audio isolation and comfort
  • 1 Year Sonic Gear Warranty

Package Contains :

  • Sonic Gear EarPump PRO
  • Cool Style Case and Accessories

Review @ Head-fi 

Design and Build Quality

The Earpump Pro comes in many different colours, which most of them will only fit for people with "Harajuku Style". The Mocha Brown colour one is very nice and looks like an expensive earphone. The finishing of the brown colour is also very nice. Overall I liked the built quality of this earphone.

Sound Quality




High Frequencies


I found the High frequencies are well reproduced by this earphone. The trebles are very very clear. Much better than you expect from IEMs with this price. 


Middle Frequencies


The middle frequencies are a bit muddy but I still found it better than the AKG K350. The vocals reproduced by this earphone is not perfect, but almost as good as Sennheiser CX300-II Precision my friend own (which means already well burnt in).


Low Frequencies


The bass is warm but still kicks. It is quite unique the way this earphone reproduce Bass. The bass is not as soft as CX300-II Precision but definitely much much better than the AKG K350 (Which I found really sucks after using this earphone)



Now when it comes to sound stage, I will give this earphone only 7/10. The sound stage is a bit narrow. Sometimes I feel like that the sound is cramped in very small room. I can hear sound is coming from everywhere and I can know clearly the direction of the sound coming, but it is a bit hard to differentiate which instrument is nearer and which instrument is farther than us, but still it is perfect for earphone in this price range.





I'm truly impressed with what this IEM can offer despite its price. Maybe you can try it yourself and give some comment about this earphone too. :)

Barang yang kami jual 100% baru, tanpa lecet ,asli, sesuai dengan spek yang tertera, dan Garansi Resmi Distributor (atau ada tertera pada penjelasan produk apabila garansi toko). 


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